Juicy Business Cards 2.0 Beta

Juicy Business Cards 2.0 Release

We are glad to introduce you Juicy Business Cards 2.0 Beta Version. It contains several important differences in design and functionality comparing to previous stable version of the software which can be downloaded at https://www.juicybc.com/download.html

JuicyBC 2.0 main window

All changes made can be devided into two large groups - functionality improvements and changes in user interface design.

User interface changes mainly concern right pane of the main window. It no longer contains mere textfields with buttons leading to dialog windows. Current version gives user the possibility to tune main card options without even using program main menu. The software provides now immediate acess to all text and frame options and to photo and logo options as well.

Functionality improvements include

  • free text positioning
  • text rotation
  • text alignment
  • unlimited variety of text and frame colors
  • rotation of imported image
  • random gradient direction
  • increased number of templates and background images

Free text positioning

JuicyBC 2.0 main window

Previous versions of the software used the system of predefined text positioning layouts. JuicyBC 2.0 preserves the possibility to position text by clicking the corresponding layout button thus helping to save plenty of time but also provides means for free text positioning. To move text block into desired position just click on it and drag it there. More precise text positioning can be achieved via filling X and Y fields of chosen text block in text options section. Note that all parameteres change automatically as you select a block of text

Text rotation

JuicyBC 2.0 main window

Older versions of the software were limited to positioning text horizontally. Now you can rotate any text block freely without any limitations. This can be achived be changing angle parameter in text options section

Text alignment

While positioning text manually in certain situations text positioning demands may differ from the default ones. Therefore align attribute was presented. It is as well included into text options section.

Unlimited variety of text and frame colors

In previous versions of the software text and frame colors can be chosen from small number of predefined samples. Now there is no limitation. You can choose any color you'd like by changing color parameter and pressing advanced button. Text and frame colors can be selected in text options and frame options section correspondingly.

JuicyBC 2.0 main window

Rotation of an imported image

Changing text and frame options can help in creation of unique business card but obviously it is not enough. Therefore Juicy Business Cards software supports photo and logo images import. Current version includes rotation angle parameter which can be found in Logo&Photo Options section

Random gradient direction

Unlike earlier versions JuicyBC 2.0 doesn't limit the user with only four gradient directions. Now gradient effect can be turned into any direction. Gradient effect is accessible via clicking background options button or choosing corresponding command from main menu.

JuicyBC 2.0 main window

JuicyBC 2.0 is in stage of beta test now, therefore if you notice any bugs feel free to report them to <jbc@juicybc.com>

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